The "Blau" House




Tafel5.jpgPostcard showing Laci Blau´s store, with the Synagogue in the background (Source: Gemeindearchiv Rechnitz)


After 1945, only a single Jewish family returned to Rechnitz and settled there again: Netti Blau (born 1869), her son Leo Blau (born 1902) and her daughter Theresia, called Riza (born 1900).

Leo Blau had been able to escape via Yugoslavia to Shanghai, from where he returned to Rechnitz. His mother had spent the NS period in Palestine. Leo ran the general store of his uncle Viktor Engel, who had been murdered by the Nazis in Brcko (then Yugoslavia).

Riza Blau had married in exile, changing her name to Rechnitzer. She was a popular violin teacher for many years, spending her final years in the nursing home. Her property was inherited by her nieces in Israel, who sold the house. When Riza died in 1984, she was buried in the Jewish section of the Vienna Central Cemetery.